4 Reasons to Convert Your Plain HTML Health Website into a Dynamic WordPress Website

by Michelle Lopez on April 2, 2012 in Tech Tips

Are you still using a plain HTML website to showcase your integrative health practice?

Here are 4 reasons why you should switch to a WordPress site:

  1. WordPress sites are VERY easy to update. You can make quick changes to text, headlines, navigation menu, and sidebar without having to rely on a web tech person.
  2. A WordPress site has a built-in blog feature, which allows you to easily maintain a blog on your site.
  3. WordPress sites allow for a high degree of customization so you’re not restricted to a certain look or a specific template. Just hire an experienced design person to help you get the unique look you want.
  4. Blog sites with fresh, regularly updated content are favored by Google and show up higher in search engines compared to static HTML-based websites.

If you’d like to convert your plain HTML site into a WordPress site that’s dynamic, easy-to-update, and highly customizable, send me an email. With my design team, I can work with you on making the conversion process as easy as possible.

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