I’m like the “Nurse” of sales pages

No, not Nurse Ratchet! Geez! :P I’m not THAT much of a bitch.

I’m Michelle Lopez.  I take care of your sales pages the way a highly focused nurse would take of a wounded soldier. Quickly. Efficiently. And off you go on your merry way.

I’m not the “doctor” – I don’t prescribe anything or wear a fancy lab coat or assume any airs of superiority.

I’m the nurse who lovingly brings your sales pages (and other copy) to full health, vitality, and stamina.

You’ve already got your voice down…you don’t need some “copywriter” or self-proclaimed marketing guru to wreck that. You simply need the nurse to come in and do a few tweaks, move a few paragraphs, make that call to action stronger, and find a more irresistible way to make the offer, so that people opt in and buy your products like crazy. That’s all.

“The new landing page is doing great!!!  We got an ad on Facebook a few days ago and it is snatching up emails like crazy! Thank you! We DOUBLED our growth last year. So, something is working. – a client who regularly invests my copywriting packages

Here’s how you can get my help:

  • Could your headlines be better? Click here to get better headlines
  • Are you sitting on a gold mine of customer testimonials? Turn them into fascinating “spotlight” articles that sell out your product inventory. Click here to get spotlight articles
  • Do you want to double your growth in the next year? You can do it by doubling the selling power of each and every one of your sales pages, landing pages, postcards, and more. Email michelle@quickresultscopywriting.com if you want this. Type “I want to double my growth!” and include a link to your business website and sales pages for your top products.
  • Get a reality check to see if you’re actually ready for growth (some biz owners aren’t).