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Hi, I’m Michelle Lopez, and my goal is to help forward-thinking health business owners like you get your message and products/programs in front of more people.

I know a thing or two about effective communication. Some of my clients got their books onto the bestseller lists after working with me; others had their first 5-figure months. One client who sells health supplements doubled his growth in 2013 after he hired me to do some of his email marketing and list-building campaigns.

I can help you craft effective marketing campaigns that draw super-targeted traffic to your web pages, so that you can get new customers in the door fast. I’ll help you make your message clearer, more compelling, and more exciting through the use of email marketing, storytelling, and direct response copywriting.

I’m very selective and only work with a handful of businesses per year – focusing on those who are serious about their growth. I work primarily with health and wellness businesses (or related niches), and my services have helped my clients reach big breakthroughs.

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