Get More Subscribers and Sales with Michelle’s Copywriting and Editing

Michelle6Like a bloodhound sniffing out clues to find a missing person in the woods, I help you discover huge pockets of untapped revenue in your business – by finding additional ways to increase your subscribers and your sales.

I used addictive storytelling, unique metaphors, and entertaining language to get the right people hooked on your content and products.

As a copywriter and editor and person-who-engages-in-shameless-word-magic, I work primarily with natural health and natural medicine-based businesses (no deceitful Big Pharma clients allowed, sorry).

I’ll help you grow your business completely on your terms, without having to follow lame marketing formulas or kiss the ass of any “gurus” or experts you don’t believe in.

My copywriting and/or editing can help you INCREASE the quality of MORE people’s lives by compounding your ability to get your message out into the world, organically (translation: your satisfied customers gossip about you in positive ways to all their loved ones). Together we will use the perfect blend of email campaigns, customer success spotlights, YouTube scripts, sales pages, landing pages, and more.

About me: I’m a copywriter, entrepreneur, business owner, writer, thinker, artist, MMA fan, gym rat, amateur musician (EDM/hip hop), I’m a fan of Diplo, and many have called me crazy. I don’t fit in with most cliques. I’m kind of weird. I like seeing movies on the big screen. Growing up, I was the oldest of four kids (I have three brothers and a sister). I’ve watched the entire series of “24″ on Netflix three times. I used to be a hardcore night-owl; now I’m a die hard morning person. One of my guilty pleasures is watching The Ultimate Fighter. If you have problems with any of the above, leave my site. Otherwise, introduce yourself or get on my email list and stay in touch.

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P.S. Please excuse any wackiness you might find on this site (including my ridiculous optin box above – lol) I’m working on rebranding everything, but not for a while. Busy serving my amazing clients.