Copywriting and Marketing for Health-Based Businesses

Michelle6Hi I’m Michelle Lopez, copywriter and marketing consultant for health businesses.

I’ve worked with top-performing health coaches, health supplement companies, and bad ass business visionaries who challenge the status quo with everything they say and do.

I consider it my job to help perfect fit clients find additional ways to increase their subscribers and ultimately, sales.

Are you my next ideal client? Self-identify by checking the following list:

You’re my ideal client if you:

  • Already have a successful business, with demonstrated success selling products and/or programs people love
  • You’re already spending money on marketing
  • You want my help ramping up what’s already working in your marketing strategy – so you can dominate even more.

If that’s you, send me an email and introduce yourself!

As a copywriter, marketer, editor, and person-who-engages-in-shameless-word-magic, I work primarily with natural health and natural medicine-based businesses (no deceitful Big Pharma clients allowed, sorry).

I use addictive story based marketing, contrast writing, unique metaphors, and entertaining language to get the right people hooked on your content and products.

My belief is that you can achieve great success in your business…simply by being yourself, sending a few emails to your list each week, and having fun with it! With a solid email marketing strategy, combined with kick-ass sales copy, you can succeed big without having to pander to the “gurus” or kiss the ass of your “peers.” No lame affiliate programs, trite marketing formulas, or cheesy networking events required!

When I’m not busy creating marketing campaigns for clients, I can be found sweating it out at the gym, or in my office creating original EDM (electronic dance music) songs. I’m also known to occasionally watch a good MMA fight.

Michelle in the woods pretending to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Donatello. Michelle uses her ninja marketing & copywriting skills to help health based businesses get their products and programs in front of more people. This is how we defeat evil and make life better on earth.