My Manifesto

Michelle5You can google “copywriter for health businesses” or “health copywriter” or whatever it is you’re searching for and come up with a slew of individuals who might churn out boring, cliche, or fluffy sales copy that won’t differentiate you from similar businesses out there.

Or… you can peruse the pages of THIS website and see that I’m different. I’m not your ordinary copy/marketing expert. What makes me different is what I stand for, what I believe in, and how I show up for my clients.

What I stand for:

  • You can be 100% yourself in business and make all the sales you want.
  • You don’t need anyone else’s approval, permission, or forgiveness in order to build the business of your wildest dreams.
  • You don’t have to follow anyone else’s marketing formula or rules, to be successful (but you CAN apply time-tested principles in your own unique way, in order to maximize sales)
  • There’s no wrong way to do your business — there’s no such thing as messing up (“messing up” is an outdated concept usually lingering from the past, i.e., childhood — so just flush it)
  • You can push people’s buttons, challenge the status quo, call out the bullies and liars of the world, swear, use colorful language, be emotional, be imperfect, make mistakes, and do other “human” things in your communications to the public — and still grow the size of your audience and your business.
  • Your only competition is who you were yesterday. The only one who can possibly defeat you…is you.
  • There is a solution to every problem; therefore, NEVER stress out about a problem – just have fun solving it. That’s the whole point.
  • Every human on the planet has the capacity to be a fully functioning superhuman, if they want to.
  • Darkness, deceit, lies, guilt, greed, shame, scarcity, and lack of transparency are components of the “old” system — individuals and companies who insist on clinging to those old ways of being are going to be dying out very shortly. Love, light, truth, transparency, freedom, and adding more life/wealth to all are the components of a NEW society currently emerging, and when you embrace these characteristics, you’ll thrive and get to participate in “heaven on earth.”

Are you like the dinosaur in danger of becoming extinct, clinging to old paradigms and ways of being? Or are you going to adapt, grow, and successfully thrive in the new world?

Michelle Lopez
Writer, Copywriter, Editor


“Bringing Michelle onto my team is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Michelle is not only a great writer, but she knows how to write copy that sells and she understands online marketing. That is a combined skill set that is difficult to find! Michelle is able to quickly write in different “voices” to match our various clients’ styles. Our clients are constantly complimenting Michelle’s work and they are incredibly grateful for support in this area.”
–Amy Lippmann, Marketing Strategist for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs –


“We DOUBLED our growth last year. So, something is working.”
- Copywriting client who hired Michelle for postcards, emails, landing pages, YouTube scripts, and more.


“Michelle Lopez’s copywriting was instrumental in the creation of my book 32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer | How to Create a Body Where Cancer Cannot Thrive. We achieved best seller in Amazon kindle in less than 12 hours in both Alternative and Holistic Medicine and in the Cancer Category in Medicine. We also went to the top of Hot New Releases and #20 in top Non Fiction Books!”
- Dr. Nalini Chilkov

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