Do You Need Better Headlines?

As a copywriter, Michelle5I read lots of newsletters, sales pages, and junk mail ads for fun. In doing so, I’ve discovered a shocking realization in the world of marketing and advertising:

Most headlines suck! The majority of headlines out there are confusing, vague, rambling, cheesy, misleading and/or boring. They make me want to punch something!

Bad headlines leave potential customers confused. When people are in a confuzzled state, they’re probably not gonna buy from you. (Urban Dictionary defines “confuzzled” as “a combination of being confused and puzzled, not knowing what the fuck is going on.”)

One simple way to get more people to buy from you is to make your headlines better! Make them top notch. They should glisten and gleam with awesomeness.

Whether you’re sending out a sales page, postcard, landing page, or email, you will ALWAYS need a kick ass headline.

You can quickly correct the problem of bad headlines by sending me your sales copy. Yep. Do it now. Why wait? I’ll evaluate your current headlines, subheadlines, and bullet points, work my “magic” on them, then send you my edits. You’ll be amazed by the improvements.

Now be very careful here… I once offered my headline edits to a guy who happens to be one of the biggest names in the health and wellness space. He loved my edits so much that he ended up investing tens of thousands of dollars worth in additional copywriting services from me. After helping him out with various copy projects, he doubled his list, doubled his Facebook following, and doubled his revenue (and he didn’t have a small following to begin with). He frequently sells out his inventory, such that now his biggest problem is simply keeping up with customer demand. That’s what can happen when you have sales copy with BAD ASS headlines!

Cliffs: improving your headlines is serious business.

Who is copywriter Michelle Lopez?